Who TF is Katie Baskerville then?

Katie Baskerville in navy dress with love hearts

Katie Baskerville is a freelance journalist based in Bristol UK. She’s a bisexual woman, from North Wales.

Her work is concentrated on health, sex and culture stories, especially those of LGBT people. She writes consistently for national outlets such as Mashable and has been featured in print for Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health Magazine. You can find her in a number of other magazines and news outlets, reporting on everything from masturbation, social media censorship, plastic surgery, disordered eating and penis size.

She has been featured on Fanny Beckman’s Women of My Generation podcast and Rosie Turner’s Not a Phase podcast, where she discusses sex, bisexuality and finding confidence.

Katie also runs a boutique copywriting business named BRYDE Studio, which provides creative copywriting services for businesses looking to do something a little bit different.

As someone with chronic ill health, Katie is keen to raise awareness of PCOS and endometriosis, as well as other disabilities such as ME.

If you’d like to work with Katie, you can reach her at hello@katiebaskerville.com